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Phosted: 2 Jan 2021
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In the heart of one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Germany, the Bavarian Forest, the 'Suit & Frühstück Zum Latschen' is located. Enjoying the beautiful views (on a clear day you can see the Alps!), you can experience a combination of German tradition and modern, trendy comfort.
You will notice that Zum Latschen is 'different' compared to the many guest houses, hotels or Gasthöfe. Read more on this website and you will know why!


At the (literal) edge of the national park 'Bayerischer Wald', at a very comfortable altitude of 820 metres, lies the ancient village of Mauth.

Mauth is located in, so local people pronounce it, a 'Schneeloch' (German for: place with extreme lots of snow, compared to the other places in the region). It belongs to one of the most reliable snow areas of the Bavarian Forest (that is why many cross-country skiing events take place each year in this municipality) but also of whole Germany. Often you can find here more snow than in the German Alps! As a general rule, there is abundant snow from mid-December to mid-March.

Cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and hiking in beautiful forests

Cross country

The extensive forests, in the first place, offer cross-country skiers unprecedented possibilities. The gentle slopes (between 800 and 1300 meters altitude) offer all levels of difficulty and the many views and snow covered trees provide cross-country skiing at 'high level'. Literally and figuratively. The local cross country ski tracks are connected to various other trails in the area (including Annathal, Finsterau, Philipsreut, Haidmühle) and carry on to nearby Czech Republic (the border is only 6 km away).

Click here for more info about cross country skiing in and around Mauth/Finsterau.

Alpine ski

For alpine skiing is the Bavarian Forest is especially suitable for families with (small) children and beginning skiers. Of course, the ski areas are less advanced than in the Alps, but at the cunterside, you will find quiet slopes, plenty of personal attention and yet high quality facilities. You are, after all, in Germany, where nothing is left to chance.
Mauth itself has a small ski school and a ski lift but near Mauth (approx. 5 minutes by car) is one of the best alpine ski areas of the Bavarian Forest (Mitterfirmiansreut, popularly referred to mostly as Mitterdorf, click here for details). Several ski lifts and 90% of its runs covered with artificial snow planned offer descents in various difficulty levels that will appeal to many people.
In addition, by car within 30-40 minutes in the ski resorts of the Großer Arber (up to 1450 metres altitude, click here for details) or, just over the Austrian border, Hochficht (up to approx. 1400 meters altitude, click here for details


Where many cross-country skiing is available, there is often also great attention paid to the finest winter walks. Also in this you will not be disappointed in Mauth. Many winter hiking trails start directly from Zum Latschen entering the most beautiful views of the surrounding area. When the sun is doing its best, you will love the sunny location of the area. And the many terraces and cafes provide a well-stocked rest pause enjoying the snow covered trees, old farmhouses and small chapels in this countryside where time seems to have come to a stop during the winter season.