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Phosted: 2 May 2019
Heimatsfest Mauth
View to the Alps
Swimming lake Mauth
Bike- and walking trails

In the heart of one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Germany, the Bavarian Forest, the 'Suit & Frühstück Zum Latschen' is located. Enjoying the beautiful views (on a clear day you can see the Alps!), you can experience a combination of German tradition and modern, trendy comfort.
You will notice that Zum Latschen is 'different' compared to the many guest houses, hotels or Gasthöfe. Read more on this website and you will know why!


At the (literal) edge of the national park 'Bayerischer Wald', at a very comfortable altitude of 820 meters, lies the old village of Mauth. Because of its location, you can enjoy the coolness on hot summer days and a long snow season in the winter (click here for more information about the snow season in Mauth).
The village is surrounded by vast forests, mountain meadows and the highest peaks of the Bavarian Forest. You are in the middle of nature (this area is therefore called the ‘green roof of Europe'!) and yet within easy reach of larger cities such as Waldkirchen, Freyung, Passau, Regensburg and Salzburg.

Mauth consists of three villages (Mauth, Annathal and Finsterau, total ca. 2500 inhabitants) and is a wonderful starting point for beautiful mountain walks (which start directly from the village), scenic drives, bicycle and mountain bike tours and many cultural highlights of the region. Even a trip to Prague or Salzburg is within easy possibilities. The village of Mauth has a long history, dating back to the 14th century. It was named after the 'toll’ (in German language: Maut) one had to pay on the important trade route ('Goldenen Steig', mainly salt trade) between Upper Austria and Bohemia (the South of the current Czech Republic). Every 3 years this is still remembered with many festivities.

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Bavarian Forest

This region of hills and mountains (up to approx. 1450 m), spread across 3 countries (Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic) belongs to one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe. From many European countries it is a easy drive of less than one day. A striking mix of villages, towns, meadow areas and especially the many, vast, ancient forests provide a unique landscape. Different from all the other mountains in Europe. The many views and the beautiful variety of nature and villages will surprise you as well as the beautiful colors in all seasons. And of course the Bavarian hospitality, the delicious food, the many attractions for young and old and last but not least: the low price level. In this area you can still enjoy a cheap vacation.

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